"Asia Pacific Regional Volunteers Exchange, TODAY Culinary Exhibition"

ICYE Taiwan has established 20 years in Tainan, and cooperates with Tainan Community University for holding “Asia Pacific Regional Meeting” and 20th Anniversary Celebration. Yesterday there was a “Asia Pacific Regional Volunteers Development & Culture Exchange Workshop” at Tainan City Hall, national committees of ICYE Asia Pacific Regional are 9 countries, including Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, all delegates gather together and share experience. ICYE Taiwan invites travel expert Shiro CHU to make a keynote speech. Today there is an Asian Food and Culture Carnival for exploring the big difference in Asia from 2 to 5pm at Cheng Kung Junior High School campus. Sincerely welcome everyone to participate in.

November 10, 2012 The Liberty Time, Taiwan