分享者: 08/10毓婷&凱昇

Today there was again Chinese class and we had to wake up early again. The lesson was good and we learned how to buy things – a really important thing. We learned that by role plays, which were really funny and helpful.



In the afternoon we hold our speeches about our home countries in front of students of the school where we are learning Chinese. Most of the students seemed to be interested, but many were confused because of our speech due to we talked too fast in English.



In the evening we went to Confucius Temple and we ate at a famous restaurant of Tainan. Later we did an activity, in which Isabell, another German volunteer who arrived today, joined us. The activity was about searching a building by asking people on the street in Chinese. It was a really good and instructive exercise and everyone enjoyed it. The building which we were seeking for was the first department store opened in Tainan and in the end we visited this shopping center. It was a nice building and all in all it was a really cool, but also exhausting day.