分享者: 官廷 & 欣芳

Today is another rainy day. After the breakfast, everyone rehearsed their power point which was really interesting. It was a good chance to learn more about each other’s culture.


Repeating some Chinese with funny games, then we shared some group games from Taiwan and Germany. There were some good ideas we probably can use in our voluntary work at school.

從小到大你曾經玩過多少團康遊戲呢?那些我們耳熟能詳的warming-up games對交青們而言就像是發現新大陸一般新奇,德國男孩們更熱情地與我們分享preparation camp裡玩過的小遊戲,僅僅這樣小小的互動,就能發現文化的差異,更別提國際間的文化溝通有著多大一條鴻溝,不過,看著大家玩得不亦樂乎的模樣,我想我們早已融入在地球村裡。


In the evening we went to a big shopping mall which was rather exciting because there they sold almost everything. Until now I only knew shopping malls which have almost only clothing stores. At my opinion night is a good time to walk around and learn more about this nice city.

台南的夜,揉合鄉村的靜謐純樸以及城市的繁華光影,幾日下來的夜間散步也成了交青們喜愛台灣的一部分,琳瑯滿目的百貨公司顛覆了shopping mall僅賣衣服的想像,藏身在百貨公司一角的假日演奏會也讓墨妹遇見了心目中的漂亮女神,跟隨交青們目光與腳步,讓我們重新認識一次這個熟悉又帶點神秘感的台南。